How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain?

How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain?

If your cat is picky about drinking water, you might have trouble getting them to drink enough. Water helps keep cats healthy and full of energy. It can also prevent illnesses.

So it is important for cats to drink water every day. The fountain might be a good solution because cats like running water, but many owners have trouble getting their cats to actually use the fountain!

In this blog post we will explore tips on how to overcome getting your furry friend to happily quench their thirst from the fountain.

How to Get Cats to Drink From Fountains?

  1. Make sure your fountain is the right size: Choose a cat-friendly fountain that isn’t too large or too small for your pet. Too large and it may be intimidating, too small and they won’t have room to drink properly.
  2. Place it in the right spot: Cats prefer quiet places away from any noise and other animals. Place the fountain away from their food and litter box, in a spot where they have easy access to it
  3. Make sure your cat can see the water: Cats are naturally curious creatures so having a constant visual of the water will entice them to try it out.
  4. Clean the fountain regularly: This will ensure the water stays fresh and free of bacteria.
  5. Add some flavour: Adding a bit of chicken broth, tuna juice, or catnip tea to the water can make it more appealing to your pet.
  6. Introduce them gradually: Put a few drops of water in their bowl at first, then slowly move them to the fountain. This will help them adjust.
  7. Reward your pet: When they successfully drink out of the fountain, reward them with a treat or some extra cuddles!

How Cat Water Fountains Help Your Cat?

Fountains can help keep your cat healthy by providing them with water that they will want to drink. Cats usually prefer running water, which will make them drink more often and stay hydrated.

This reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and other illnesses that could be caused by dehydration.

This will help them stay away from water bowls that might have harmful bacteria in them. Having a fountain will also help reduce the amount of spills and messes caused by your cat knocking over their bowl! [1]

How Cat Water Fountains Help Your Cat

Tips for Training Your Cat to Drink From a Cat Water Fountain

Once you have the fountain set up, getting your cat to drink from it will be much easier. Here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Let them explore: Allow them to take their time and get used to the fountain before expecting them to drink.
  2. Use positive reinforcement: Praise your cat for drinking from the fountain and give them treats as rewards.
  3. Be patient: It may take some time for your cat to get used to the fountain, but don’t give up!
  4. Experiment with other flavours: Cats can be picky about what they drink, so try adding a bit of tuna juice or chicken broth to the water.
  5. Get creative: If your cat is still not interested, try hiding treats in or around the fountain to encourage them to investigate it more.

Clean and Rinse the Water Fountain Before Use

It is important to clean the fountain before you introduce it to your cat. Rinse off all parts with warm water and a mild soap. Then, dry it completely.

You can also use a brush or cloth to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the fountain.

Keep the Fountain Turned Off Until They are Comfortable

Before you turn the fountain on, make sure your cat is comfortable with it and showing interest in drinking from it.

Moving water can be intimidating for cats so until they are ready to drink out of it, keep the fountain turned off. This will help them feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed.

Allow Them to Investigate

Cats can take some time to get used to a new item, so allow them to investigate it on their own terms. You may need to give them a few days before expecting them to drink from the fountain.

Encourage them by offering treats and positive reinforcement like cuddles when they approach the fountain.

Keep Food Away From the Fountain

Keep your cat’s water fountain away from their food bowl. This will help them know which one is for drinking and which one is for eating. It will also reduce the chances of a mess.

Keep Food Away From the Fountain

Keep Fresh Water Available in a Different Bowl

Even if your cat is using the water fountain, keep a traditional bowl of fresh water available. This will provide them with an alternative source of hydration in case they don’t feel like drinking from the fountain.

Reward Your Cat for Using the Fountain

Make sure to give your cat a treat or something they like when they drink from the fountain. This will make them want to do it again.

Turn the Fountain On and Continue Rewarding Them

Once your cat is used to the fountain and has had a few successful drinks, turn it on. This will help them get used to the sound and motion of the fountain, making it easier for them to drink from it.

Continue offering rewards when they use it successfully so that they keep wanting to use it.

Slowly Remove Secondary Water Source and Taper Back on Rewards

Once your cat is consistently and happily drinking from the fountain, slowly remove the alternate water source and taper back on the rewards. This will help them to become completely independent in using the fountain.


Why won’t my cat drink from a water fountain?

Some cats may not like to drink from a fountain at first. Give your cat time to explore the fountain and get used to it. Reward your cat with something it likes when it goes near the fountain. Try different flavours of water in the fountain. Always keep a bowl of fresh water available for your cat too.

How often should I clean my cat’s water fountain?

Cleaning your cat’s water fountain is important. You should clean it at least once a week to keep bacteria and dirt from building up in the fountain.

To clean it, use warm water and mild soap to rinse off all of the parts, then dry it completely before using it again.

How often should I clean my cat's water fountain

What should I do if my cat still won’t drink from the fountain?

If your cat is still not interested in drinking from the fountain, try changing the flavour of the water or hiding treats around it to encourage them to investigate.

You can also try keeping the fountain turned off until they are more comfortable with it. Always keep a bowl of fresh water available for your cat too.

Will cats eventually drink from fountains?

Yes, cats can learn to drink from a fountain with patience and time. Allow your cat to investigate the fountain on their own terms.

Reward them when they approach it or show interest in drinking from it. Eventually, they will become used to it and start drinking from it regularly.

Do cats prefer water bowls or fountains?

Cats can be choosy about where they drink and which type of water source they prefer. Many cats do like to drink from a fountain because it provides fresh, running water that is more appealing than still water in a bowl.

However, some cats may feel more comfortable drinking from a bowl. It’s best to provide both so that your cat can choose which one they prefer.

Where do you put a water fountain for a cat?

The most important factor when choosing a spot for your cat’s water fountain is accessibility. Choose a spot that is easy for your cat to reach and not too close to their food or litter boxes.

Avoid placing it near high-traffic areas in your home so that your cat can drink in peace without feeling disturbed. It is also important to make sure the fountain is in a place where it can be securely attached.

If the fountain is too light, your cat might knock it over when they are drinking from it. Make sure the water level is easy to see so your cat knows when to refill the fountain.

What are the benefits of a cat water fountain?

A cat water fountain is a good thing to have because it gives your cat fresh, clean water. It is easy for your cat to drink from and it will encourage your cat to drink more water. The fountain also helps keep the water clean and free from bacteria.

A water fountain is a good way to keep the water cooler in hot weather, which will make your cat want to drink from it.

Plus, the sound of the running water can be calming and help keep them hydrated throughout the day. Finally, a fountain is much easier to clean than a traditional bowl.

What are the benefits of a cat water fountain

What should I do if my cat isn’t drinking enough water?

If your cat is not drinking enough water, there are a few things that you can do to help. Make sure that the water fountain is easy for them to reach and is not too close to their food or litter boxes.

Put treats around the fountain to encourage them to explore it more and refill the bowl with fresh water every day.

You can also try adding flavours to the water like tuna or chicken broth, or use a fountain that has a built-in filter and provides running water. Finally, make sure your cat is eating enough wet food, as it contains more moisture than dry food.

Does a cat water fountain need to be cleaned?

Yes, it is important to clean your cat’s water fountain regularly. Make sure that you clean all parts of the fountain with hot, soapy water every week or two. It is also important to change the filter regularly as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Keeping the fountain clean will help prevent bacteria from building up, which will keep your cat safe and healthy.

Do cats need running water to drink?

Cats do not necessarily need running water to stay hydrated. They can get their water from still sources like those in a bowl or fountain, as long as it is fresh and clean.

Many cats prefer running water because it is more appealing than still water, but providing both types of sources will give your cat the choice of which one they prefer.

Does a cat water fountain help keep your cat healthy?

A cat water fountain is a good way to help keep your cat healthy. Dehydration can cause problems like kidney disease, so it’s important for cats to have a fresh, clean source of water.

The running water in a fountain encourages cats to drink more, which helps keep them hydrated. Plus, the fountain can help keep the water clean and free from bacteria.

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Getting cats to drink from a fountain may take some time and patience. Cat owners should keep this in mind when introducing their cats to a new water source.

If you keep letting your cat drink from the fountain and you clean it often, your cat will get used to it. There are some other things you can do to help, like adding a flavour dish or setting up a motion-activated device. You could also try placing food near the fountain.

If you do this, you should be able to get cats to drink from the fountain quickly! Giving your cats an easy way to get water is always important and if you do it right, you can make sure your cat is staying hydrated in a healthy way.