Craigslist Kittens: Don’t Adopt Without Reading Our Tips

Craigslist Kittens: Don’t Adopt Without Reading Our Tips

Adopting a kitten is an exciting journey filled with irresistible cuteness and playful antics. However, when considering a new furry friend from online platforms like Craigslist, there’s more than just adorable pictures to consider. It’s crucial to approach this process with an informed perspective to ensure the well-being of both the kitten and your household. This guide is here to help you navigate through the process of adopting kittens from Craigslist. We’ll share valuable tips and things to watch out for, ensuring your adoption experience is as delightful as the kitten you’re bringing home.

Should I Get A Kitten From Craigslist?

Determining whether or not to adopt a kitten from Craigslist can be complex. There are certainly potential pitfalls to be aware of. Unfortunately, not everyone on these platforms has the best interests of the animals at heart. However, it’s also true that many legitimate, caring individuals use Craigslist to find homes for kittens. It’s essential to perform due diligence to discern between the two. When done properly, adopting from Craigslist can lead to a rewarding experience and a wonderful addition to your family. In this guide, we will outline the necessary steps to ensure a safe and successful adoption.

Should I Get A Kitten From Craigslist?

Understanding Craigslist pets Guidelines

Before proceeding with an adoption, you must familiarize yourself with Craigslist’s guidelines concerning pets. According to the platform’s policy, it’s prohibited to sell pets, but rehoming with small adoption fees is acceptable. This is a measure to ensure that the animals find a loving home and to discourage puppy mills and animal fighting. Always report sellers who seem to be running a business by selling animals. Be wary of anyone asking for a fee that seems unreasonably high, as this could be a sign of a scam. Additionally, Craigslist encourages users to report suspected animal cruelty or neglect. Understanding these guidelines will aid you in spotting any red flags when browsing for kittens to adopt. [1]

Understanding Craigslist pets Guidelines

Finding Healthy Craigslist Kittens

Finding a healthy kitten on Craigslist involves careful observation and a discerning eye.

Timing Matters For Adopting Kittens

When considering the right time to adopt a kitten, it’s important to ensure that the kitten is old enough to be separated from its mother. Kittens should be at least eight weeks old before they leave their mother. Any earlier, and the kitten might miss out on crucial socialization and behavioral lessons, as well as the vital nutrients from the mother’s milk.

When browsing Craigslist, be skeptical of any listings for kittens younger than eight weeks.

A responsible caregiver will understand the importance of this developmental period and will not separate kittens from their mother prematurely. Taking home a kitten too early may result in health and behavioral issues down the line.

Kittens Need To Learn Social Skills

Just as children learn important social skills in their early years, kittens also need time to learn these skills from their mother and siblings. This period is vital as it teaches the kittens about appropriate behavior, including how to interact with other cats and how to play gently. Kittens separated too early from their family may develop behavioral problems like aggression or other antisocial behaviors. Ensuring the kitten has had an adequate socialization period will help them grow into a well-mannered and well-adjusted adult cat. When adopting from Craigslist, ask the current caregiver about the kitten’s interaction with its mother and siblings to ensure that it has had a chance to learn these crucial social skills. [2]

Early Vaccinations

In the early stages of their life, kittens are susceptible to a variety of illnesses. To protect them, they must receive their initial series of vaccinations. These should ideally start when the kitten is around six to eight weeks old, and continue every three to four weeks until they are about 16 weeks old. The core vaccines protect kittens from several serious diseases, including feline distemper, feline calicivirus, and feline herpesvirus type I. Some caregivers might also opt for other non-core vaccinations depending on the kitten’s specific risk factors. Before adopting a kitten from Craigslist, ask the current caregiver about the kitten’s vaccination history. Ensure the kitten has either received the initial vaccinations or has a scheduled appointment to get them. Adopting a vaccinated kitten not only safeguards their health but also prevents the spread of diseases to other pets in your home.

Finding Healthy Craigslist Kittens

What Age Are Kittens Ready For Adoption?

As mentioned earlier, kittens should ideally be at least eight weeks old before they are adopted. This allows them time to learn valuable social skills from their mother and siblings, and to gain the necessary independence and confidence. Kittens also need this time to receive their initial vaccinations. While some kittens might seem ready for adoption as early as six weeks, it is generally better to wait until they are a bit older, especially if they are going to be the only cat in their new home.

If you come across an advertisement for a kitten younger than eight weeks, it’s a good idea to wait or look for another kitten that is appropriately aged. This ensures that you adopt a kitten that is ready for a new home and has the best chance for a healthy, balanced life.

Avoid Craigslist Kittens Scams

Just as with any online platform, Craigslist isn’t exempt from scams, including those related to pet adoptions. When looking for a kitten to adopt, it’s crucial to be vigilant and to discern the genuine posts from the fraudulent ones. Here are a few tips to avoid falling victim to a scam:

Never Send Money Up Front!

One of the most common scams you might encounter when looking to adopt a kitten from Craigslist is being asked to send money upfront. It’s essential to remember that legitimate sellers or caregivers will never ask for money before you’ve had the chance to meet the kitten in person. Scammers may concoct a variety of excuses to justify upfront payment, such as needing to cover urgent veterinary bills, reserving the kitten, or shipping costs. No matter how convincing these reasons might seem, you should never agree to send money upfront. Always insist on meeting the kitten and the caregiver in person. If the person refuses or continually makes excuses to avoid a meeting, it’s a red flag that they might not have a kitten to sell at all. By ensuring you never send money upfront, you protect yourself from potential scams and ensure that you’re adopting a healthy, well-cared-for kitten.

Avoid Craigslist Kittens Scams

Craigslist Kitten Scam Red Flags

There are several red flags to watch out for when considering adopting a kitten from Craigslist. These include:

  1. Exorbitant Rehoming Fees: While small adoption fees are permissible, be wary of anyone asking for an unreasonably high fee. These could be either scams or a disguised business commerce, both of which are against Craigslist’s policy.
  2. Poor Communication: Be cautious of sellers who avoid answering questions about the kitten’s health, background, or their reason for rehoming. Honest caregivers will be transparent and open about all aspects of the kitten’s life.
  3. Refusal to Meet in Person: Legitimate caregivers will allow, even insist, you meet the kitten in person before finalizing the adoption. Those refusing or creating excuses to avoid meeting could be scammers.
  4. Lack of Veterinary Records: Responsible caregivers will have a record of the kitten’s vaccinations and other medical history. A caregiver unable to provide this documentation should raise your suspicion.
  5. Pressure to Act Quickly: Scammers may try to rush the process, saying several people are interested in the kitten and you need to make a quick decision. Legitimate caregivers will understand that adopting a pet is a serious commitment and give you the time you need.
  6. Offering to Ship the Kitten: A common scam is for the “seller” to offer to ship the kitten to you. This is generally a scam, and it’s also a red flag of potential animal cruelty. Always insist on picking up your new pet in person. [4]

How Much Should I Pay For A Craigslist Kitten?

The cost of adopting a kitten from Craigslist can greatly vary, but in most instances, there should only be a small rehoming fee involved. This fee is typically in the range of $50-$150, and it covers initial veterinary expenses such as vaccinations, deworming, and spaying/neutering. However, beware of listings with exorbitantly high fees as these could be a sign of a disguised commercial operation or a scam. It’s crucial to ensure that the price you pay is fair and reasonable, considering the kitten’s health and overall well-being. Also, do not forget that initial adoption fees are just the beginning. Owning a cat involves other ongoing costs such as food, litter, regular vet check-ups, and possible medical expenses. Therefore, when considering the adoption cost, it’s wise to factor in these future expenses as well.

How Much Should I Pay For A Craigslist Kitten?

Preparing Your Home For A New Pet

Before you bring your new kitten home from Craigslist, you’ll need to prepare your home to ensure it is safe and comfortable for your new pet. Here are some key steps to follow:

Remove Hazardous Items: Kittens are naturally curious and tend to explore their environment by nibbling and pawing at various objects. Remove any small items that could be swallowed and cause choking. Also, ensure all cleaning products, medicines, and toxic plants are out of reach.

Secure Loose Wires: Kittens love to play with dangling objects like cords and wires, which can be dangerous. Bundle up loose wires and keep them out of reach or consider using pet-proof conduit to protect your kitten.

Provide Essential Supplies: Set up a comfortable space for your kitten with all the essentials. This includes food and water dishes, a litter box, scratching posts, and toys. Also, provide a comfortable bed in a quiet, secluded area so your kitten can retreat and rest when needed.

Establish a Safe Zone: Initially, limit your kitten’s access to a small, manageable area where you can monitor them. Gradually allow them access to more areas of your home as they grow accustomed to their new environment.

Get the Family Involved: If you have children, teach them how to interact gently with the kitten. Make sure everyone in the household is prepared for the new arrival and understands their responsibilities. [5]

Ensuring The Pet’s Safety

Ensuring your new kitten’s safety is paramount and should be considered even before bringing the pet home. First, set up a vet appointment to get your kitten examined and vaccinated as soon as possible. It’s crucial to ensure that your kitten is in good health and free from any diseases that could pose a threat to them or any other pets in your home. Secondly, consider getting your kitten microchipped. Microchipping is a simple and inexpensive process that increases the chances of being reunited with your pet should they ever get lost. Lastly, if you have other pets at home, ensure that the introductions are done slowly and under close supervision to prevent any aggressive behavior. Supervise their interactions until you are confident that they can safely coexist. Always remember, taking the time to ensure your pet’s safety will not only create a loving and secure environment for your kitten but will also help you avoid potential heartaches and costly vet bills down the line.

Ensuring The Pet’s Safety


Why can’t i adopt one kitten?

While it’s certainly possible to adopt just one kitten, many experts recommend adopting two kittens from the same litter if possible. Kittens learn a lot from their siblings, including various social skills and behaviors. Having a companion can also help a kitten adjust more quickly to a new home, providing a sense of comfort and security. Additionally, two kittens can keep each other company, reducing the likelihood of the kitten becoming bored or lonely when you are not around. However, adopting two kittens comes with additional responsibility and cost, so it’s important to consider your ability to provide proper care for two pets before making a decision.

Should you adopt a kitten by itself?

Adopting a kitten by itself can certainly be a fulfilling experience, but there are many points to consider. Kittens are exceptionally playful and require substantial stimulation and social interaction. If you have a busy schedule and cannot afford to spend several hours a day engaging with your kitten, it may feel lonely and develop behavioral issues. Additionally, if there are no other pets in your household, a single kitten might miss out on learning important social cues that it would naturally learn from its siblings or mother. However, if you can devote ample time and attention to your single kitten, and perhaps plan on arranging regular play-dates with other kittens or cats, adopting a single kitten can work out well.

Should I adopt a shy kitten?

Adopting a shy kitten can be a rewarding experience, but it requires patience and understanding. Shy kittens often need more time to adjust to new environments and may initially hide or avoid interaction. However, with gentle and consistent care, they can gradually learn to trust and form strong bonds with their owners. It’s important to provide them with a safe and quiet space where they can feel secure. Avoid forcing interaction; instead, let them approach you in their own time. Engaging them in play with toys can also help build confidence. It’s essential to remember that every cat has its own personality and pace of adjusting. While a shy kitten may require more initial effort, the satisfaction of seeing them grow and develop can be immensely rewarding.

Can Craigslist be trusted?

Like any online platform, Craigslist’s trustworthiness can depend on the individuals using it. Some people have had positive experiences and found beautiful, healthy kittens through the platform. However, Craigslist also has its share of scams, so it’s essential to exercise caution. Always meet the seller and the kitten in person before finalizing the adoption. Be wary of any deals that seem too good to be true, or if the seller asks for money upfront without providing concrete details. Verify the health and vaccination records of the kitten. Ideally, adopt from a seller that you have researched or that comes recommended.

Are Craigslist ads safe?

Craigslist ads can vary in safety and credibility, primarily dependent on the individual posting the ad. While many legitimate transactions occur on Craigslist, including pet adoptions, the website has also been associated with scams and deceptive practices. When using Craigslist, it’s important to exercise caution and diligence. Never share personal or financial information without validating the authenticity of the ad and the person behind it. Always arrange to meet in person, ideally in a public place, before finalizing any arrangements. If possible, bring a friend with you. Be skeptical of ads that seem too good to be true, as they often are. In the context of pet adoption, always insist on seeing health and vaccination records, and meeting the kitten in its current home environment before agreeing to the adoption.

Can you adopt 2 male kittens?

Certainly, adopting two male kittens from the same litter is not only possible but can also be beneficial. Just like their female counterparts, male siblings share a strong bond and can provide each other with companionship and stimulation, crucial for their early development. It’s important to ensure both kittens are neutered at an appropriate age to prevent territorial disputes or other forms of aggression once they reach maturity. As always, adopting two pets involves a greater commitment in terms of time and resources, so make sure you’re fully prepared for the responsibilities associated with caring for two kittens.

Is it OK to adopt 2 kittens?

Absolutely, it is completely acceptable to adopt two kittens, and it can actually be beneficial for both the kittens and the adopter. Adopting two kittens, especially from the same litter, means they have a familiar companion to play and interact with, which can help them adjust better to their new surroundings. They learn social skills from each other and provide each other with mental and physical stimulation through play. From an adopter’s viewpoint, having two kittens can be equally entertaining and gratifying. However, it’s important to remember that this decision also doubles the responsibility – from feeding to vet visits – so potential adopters should be prepared for the additional work and expense. But rest assured, the joys and rewards of raising two kittens together often outweigh the added responsibilities.

Can a single kitten be happy?

Yes, a single kitten can certainly be happy, provided it receives sufficient care, attention, and stimulation. Although kittens are social creatures and can benefit from the company of their siblings, a single kitten can thrive when given ample playtime, interactive toys, and lots of love from its human family members. It’s essential to spend quality time with the kitten, engage in play activities, and include it in your daily routines to provide both mental and physical stimulation. Additionally, socializing your kitten with other cats or friendly pets can also contribute to its happiness. Remember that every kitten is unique and may require different levels of interaction and attention. The key is to understand and cater to your kitten’s individual needs to ensure its happiness and well-being.



In conclusion, adopting a kitten, whether from Craigslist or elsewhere, is a significant commitment that requires careful consideration, research, and preparation. Whether you choose to adopt one kitten or two, a shy kitten or a more outgoing one, the key to a successful adoption lies in understanding the specific needs of your furry friend and providing a loving, safe, and stimulating environment. Utilize online platforms like Craigslist wisely and cautiously, always prioritize the safety and well-being of the kitten, and ensure you’re fully prepared for the responsibility you’re taking on.